Player Wants a spouse celebrity defends Will after pregnancy announcement

Someone from program has come in defence of Will Dwyer amid phrases he is the father of fellow contestant Hayley Love’s developing fetus.

As a great shock maternity make statements, the growing season heads for a reunion occurrence which airs on May 11.

The turn simply keep coming behind-the-scenes of player Wants a girlfriend, with a star talking in protection of will most likely Dwyer, amid promises he will be the father of contestant Hayley Love’s child.

Will’s runner-up Kristina provides revealed her assistance for your cattle and goats character on the social networks after matchmaking him on route 7 real life Tv series.

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Farmer will likely along with his final two women, Jaimee and Kristina. Source: Instagram.

Hayley wanting kid after connection with will most likely

Player will most likely has reached the centre of a bombshell maternity adhering to filming of Character wishes a spouse.

Hayley, who had previously been paired with farmer Matt Trewin for the tv series, turned out final thirty days displaying she ended up being 22 weeks expecting a baby and so-called will most likely was actually the father.

She says the pair hit awake a connection after shooting the TV program later a year ago.

This came following Victorian player selected Sydney-based nursing assistant Jaimee regarding the show’s ending.

Hayley claimed this lady and often will moved the company’s distinct techniques right after she informed him or her on the pregnancy in April.

Will most likely possesses since emerge exclaiming “when the time comes, I am going to be the most effective Dad I am able to be. If this describes the truth is my favorite youngster, I’ll get truth be told there anytime the child demands me“.

This individual put, „I’m unfortunate it possesses played outside in community. Needs merely the most suitable for Hayley. I’ll claim exactly what must be said privately and permit my favorite actions perform some talking.“

Will had been afterwards forced by another contestant for composing “vile” messages to Hayley, and curious about the paternity of the unborn baby.

Hayley possesses established this model pregnancy, saying Farmer will likely certainly is the daddy. Supply: Instagram.

Kristina refers to may „beautiful man“

Nowadays 29-year-old zookeeper Kristina, the runner-up from Will’s females throughout the grazing, has already established a talk about on scandal.

Kristina, who came secondly toward the girl Will decided to go with from inside the finale episode Jaimee, features publicly defended him.

“For everybody wondering, I have really damaging to say about this boyfriend. Giving absolutely love on your path (really love emotions emoji),” she said on her Instagram stories together with his open public record yesterday evening, reports.

Kristina in addition taught The marketer may along with her were still “great close friends” and that he had been a “beautiful human”.

Reunion is not going to show any of the drama

After months or rumours on social networks about a maternity scandal Hayley launched a statement to that this tramp am currently pregnant.

She’s since discussed an ultrasound on Instagram, and acknowledge she was suffering everyone desire and trolling of various other participants.

Despite this behind-the-scenes drama, the Farmer desires a partner gathering event just isn’t most likely to display any of it as it am shot times back and Will and Jaimee look like along inside it.

The reunion will air Wednesday, August 11, on Channel 7.

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