Gay men’s articles of monogamy and non-monogamy: modification, mobility and concerns

While some homosexual guys idealise monogamy, particularly in early phase of a connection, people typically being non-monogamous over the years, Australian analysts report in a write-up released online prior to pattern in heritage, Health and sex.

Guy commonly bet non-monogamy as realistic in homosexual relationships, because of cultural and national norms in gay neighborhoods. But changing the bottom rules of relations can be demanding for certain twosomes, particularly if the associates received different ideals about monogamy and non-monogamy.

Because of it qualitative research, Steven Philpot and co-worker carried out in-depth interviews with 61 Australian homosexual guys. The interviews discovered dilemmas of closeness, affairs and monogamy with males who had been either single or even in partners at the time of an interview.



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Qualitative research is used to enjoy and understand people’s notions, knowledge, conduct or habits. It demands questions relating to exactly how and exactly why. Qualitative research might inquire about the reason everyone battle to use HIV prohibition practices. It’dn’t query what number of men and women use them or gather info available as number. Qualitative analysis options add interviews, concentrate people and associate watching.

HIV is generally transferred within dedicated connections, extremely a far better expertise in union dynamics is really important for HIV prohibition.


A lot of men, specially younger people, implicitly envisioned monogamy becoming the cornerstone for lasting relationships. The two thought it created reliability, safeguards, intimacy and depend upon. It has been noticed symbolizing a very ethical life style than non-monogamy and promiscuity.

“We never discussed being absolutely exclusive: it has been simply a given that we would best find out friends.” (sole, 21 many years).

“Even though I’m gay I nonetheless trust in the complete dependable relatives things. So, I Actually Do decide a husband and young ones.” (combined, 22 a long time).

None the less, boys did not fundamentally think that monogamy would endure. It might be thought of as most critical at the start of a connection:

“I reckon it’s important to need monogamy not less than the 1st three-years of one’s union mainly because it generates mental associations and a spiritual connections. And because in the 1st 3 years of one’s commitment, that’s all new and now you dont should rip that away and also that demand don the connection.” (solitary, 29 many years).

Lots of men expected commitments to change to non-monogamy after a while. Although some guy mentioned this by discussing the completely ready option of sex to the homosexual scene, others presented biological facts:

“When you’ve have two hormonally powered guys they frequently only need an outlet when they don’t desire to self-destruct.” (one, 24 many years).

The exact same boyfriend in addition asserted that public contact with some other gay partners experienced brought him or her you may anticipate a non-monogamous connection, regardless of whether he or she fought against this requirement.

“Most folks in associations I am certain having went on are generally available thus although I don’t like it, i realize that whenever i’d like a permanent commitment, there’s a high probability that’s the key to success.”

On the other hand, more guy aspired to non-monogamy. Some might idealise seasoned people whose dating were protected, prosperous and open:

“They’re deeply crazy and they’ve acquired your house along. And they’re in an entirely available relationship… That’s things I would like besides. It’d get good to arrive at that time eventually wherein insecurities have left therefore don’t concern yourself with who’s sleeping with just who, if you enjoy the person you’re supposed house to… If [partner] so I does continue to be with each other long-term, that is in which I witness our personal relationship going.” (paired, 28 several years).